Art statement.

Juliana Acosta Gil: Artist, Designer, and Sociologist. Born in Colombia,Ibagué- Tolima. currently residing in Syracuse, NY.

Her artistic training began at the age of six at the Ibagué Music Conservatory. Studying the school of studies of harmony and instrument the tiple for five years. This is how her childhood and adolescence passed between school and further studies of music and ballet. Her ballet teachers are the ones who most influenced her interest in art: Norma Valencia and Maria Clara de Burgos.

Other professional studies in human sciences, sociology, at the Universidad del Rosario, Bogotá-Colombia, allowed her to approach other disciplines and practices. Drawing, painting, textiles, jewelry and photography workshops complemented her professional training.

The intention and purpose of her art is to contribute to an aesthetic in which many people of all ages and genders can identify and appropriate elements that are familiar to them into their daily lives. The purpose of all the artistic work that Juliana develops through Rojo Fuxia is to highlight the relationship of the human being with companion animals, their pets, as sentient subjects that deserve respect and vindication of years of mistreatment and cruelty towards animal species. From her personal perspective, based on life episodes, She works daily to make visible their contribution to issues such as mental health.

humanity is indebted to the animal world, because in the name of evolution, science and technology massacres, extinctions and much pain have been committed to animals. ” We have not yet understood what our function on the planet is! We are here to care for and protect animals. The fact of creating language and laws hundreds of years ago does not give us the right to mistreat and believe that we are on inferior beings, subjecting them to all kinds of suffering for daily consumption. As an animal activist and a woman who rescues animals living on the streets, I know first-hand the pain, suffering, and love of dogs and cats, which keeps me motivated to continue fighting for a more animal-friendly human world because we have more A’s for animals than H’s for humans”. Juliana G

The central theme of her work is the visualization of animal companions within the lives of female characters in her life, such as pets or support animals working to alleviate pain or sickness.

Her artistic work involves different media and techniques. ranging from digital to the development of small sets. Her work focuses on the human relationship with companion animals; specifically emotional support animals, pets. Be it dogs, rabbits or cats… highlighting in each piece the fundamentals of their presence in daily life as caregivers, protectors and mitigators of diseases and other physical and emotional ailments. For this reason, he constantly appeals to joy, calm, love, company, respect, patience, innocence, the naive reaching tenderness. feelings that are evident throughout his illustration work. Added to the use of color in pastel and pink tones to offer the viewer moments of calm in which they can remember childhood situations that overflow feelings of tenderness and joy.

Her colors, pinks, blues, purples, fuscias, together with the mixtures she makes with other figurative elements, have represented to her the structure of an artistic content of a sweet, friendly, figurative, cute, cheerful and very naive nature. Thus, children are her main spectators and clients of the variety of objects she makes: crowns and tiaras, jewelry with miniature animals to manage anxiety outside the home, small handbags, illustrations with stories of friendship and support, mirrors with messages of compassion and love for all species, including the human species.

Feel free to contact her via Email or Instagram for questions, commissions, or feedback.