Digital Art

Cute art, from my digital illustrations, the most cute and fluffy animals, talkative stuffed animals, cats and dogs that share our days. vinyl, pastels, bright colors with lots of glitter, vinyl, oil and water paint.

Illustrations that tell small fragments of moments in the life of the original characters that are part of the fuxia red world.

  1. sandra the squirrel, series.Sandra, the squirrel, famous for her parties in her house that is in the top of a tree in the back of our garden. Poga, one of our assistants, is one of her best friends and usually escapes to celebrate her welcome in the spring or say goodbye to her in the winter, as she travels to Florida to escape the cold winter of upstate New York.
  2. Cute puppy is a series of digital illustrations and others painted on canvas that are intended to pay homage to the companion puppies that stay at home alone all day waiting for their human to return. When this happens it is the happiest moment of the day, while this happens the fluffy puppy dreams of being an ice cream, selling sweets, traveling with his whole life in a suitcase always hand in hand with his human: his unconditional love and loyalty is a great inspiration to create adventures and narrate life processes such as migration.